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Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Songs

Groundhog's Day, I looked around,
Saw my shadow on the ground
Yes I saw my shadow, when I took a peek
That means winter 6 more weeks!
I'm a little groundhog round and plump
Here is my shadow here is my rump
Oh I'm a little groundhog short and plump
I see my shadow I see my rump.
Little groundhog down below,
Underneath the wintry snow.
Come on out and tell us true...
Is Spring coming? Is Winter through?
I'm A Little Groundhog (sung to I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little groundhog, furry and brown,
See me pop while I look around,
If I see my shadow, down I'll go
Six more weeks of winter, oh no!
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Mr. Groundhog (sung to Frere Jacques)

Mr. Groundhog, Mr. Groundhog.
Are you there? Are you there?
Will you see your shadow?
We all want to know
On this day, Groundhog Day.
See My Shadow (sung to Frere Jacques):

See my shadow, see my shadow
Move this way, move that way.
See it do what I do, See it do what I do,
Follow me, follow me.

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